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About Lowered Floor Wheelchair Vans

A lowered-floor wheelchair van is a minivan or full size van that has had the original floor lowered about 10 inches. With the touch of a button the door opens automatically and ramp folds or slides out and the vehicle "kneels" lower to the ground. Wheelchair seating is available in the front driver and passenger areas, and in the mid-passenger center section of the vehicle. The goal of the lowered-floor minivan is to give wheelchair users the convenience of a minivan, along with plenty of headroom and the ease of using a simple ramp to access the vehicle.

There are two ramp options available: the in-floor ramp and the foldout ramp.

With the in-floor ramp option, the ramp is stowed under the floor of the van, leaving the doorway open and clear. The downside to the in-floor ramp option is that tall sidewalk curbs may keep the ramp from deploying.

With the foldout ramp option, the passenger sliding door is blocked for ambulatory passengers when in the stowed position. But because today's minivans are now standard with a driver's side sliding door, this is no longer much of an issue.

The pros of owning an accessible minivan are too great to mention them all. Accessible minivans offer multiple wheelchair positions and are incredibly easy to use for both the transporter and the person driving from their wheelchair. With minivans now as common as almonds in Chico, the once hugely obvious "handicap" vehicle now blends with the rest of the traffic.

Wheelchair Accessible Vans

If you think the field of wheelchair accessible vans is limited to full-sized conversion vehicles, think again. The term encapsulates any vehicle that can be modified to provide easy access for those who use wheelchairs.

That access is usually accomplished by adjusting the “stock” version of the vehicle. That includes modifications designed to facilitate easier wheelchair entry and exit including door height and vehicle height changes. It usually involves the addition of a wheelchair ramp or lift, as well. Other potential conversions include changes to steering and braking systems, suspension alterations, automatic entry systems and countless other interior and exterior customizations.

The Pros of The In-Floor Ramp:

A) With no ramp in the doorway, passengers who are not in wheelchairs can enter and exit the vehicle without having to deploy the ramp.

B) If you’d been bothered by the foldout ramp interfering with the front passenger seat reclining, that issue is eliminated with an in-floor ramp.

C) Out of sight, out of mind! An in-floor ramp is completely concealed, so the interior looks closer than ever to that of a standard Vehicle.

The Cons of The In-Floor Ramp:

A) The in-floor ramp has a slightly higher ramp angle compared to the foldout.

B) Deploying an in-floor ramp onto a high curb could be a problem.

C) An in-floor ramp may require more maintenance because the ramp tends to collect more debris.

The Pro’s of The Fold Out Ramp:

A) If you pull alongside a curb, it’s very easy to deploy a foldout ramp onto the sidewalk.

B) In the case of an emergency, a wheelchair user can always push a foldout ramp until it deploys.

C) Because the ramp is stored upright, less debris is able to get trapped and result in maintenance issues.

D) Compared to the in-floor option, the foldout conversions have a lower ramp angle

The Cons of The Fold Out Ramp:

A) Because the foldout ramp is housed in the doorway when stored, it takes up a small amount of interior space.

B) The ramp can limit the front passenger seat from fully extending in a reclined position.

C) In order to enter or exit on the ramp side of the vehicle, the ramp must be deployed.

The Video Above Displays A Fold Out Ramp in Action.

The Video Below Displays An In-Floor Ramp in Action.

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